Pediatric Urology


Live Workshop Jan 2016 (Bladder augment, BOTOX)

VUR Workshop Dec 2014 (STING, Lap Cohen, Lap extra vesical)

Live Workshop Apr 2014 (PCNL, Lap, Hypospadias)

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'PURE'                     (Pediatric Urology Ramachandra Education)



Undescended Testis, Hernia, Hydrocele

Hypospadias, Intersex

Hydronephrosis (PUJ) Pyeloplasty, Posterior urethral valves (PUV)

Urinary Tract Infection/ Vesico Ureteric Reflux

Urinary Stones in Children

Eneuresis, Bedwetting, Urinary Incontinence, Neuropathic bladder

Multi Cystic Dysplastic Kidney, Wilms Tumor, Emergencies

Pediatric nephrology, chronic kidney disease

Acute Kidney Injury

Single kidney status

Pregnancy planning, Anomaly scan, Anomaly prevention

Paediatric Laparoscopic Surgery (Key Hole Surgery)

Common Paediatric Surgical Problems

Child Specialist, Vaccinations


Paediatric Laparoscopic Surgery  (Key Hole Surgery)


What is a laparoscope? What is key-hole surgery?

Laparoscope is a telescope like instrument to visualise organs inside. In key hole surgery there is no cut made; but surgery is performed through camera and instruments inserted via tiny holes.

What are the advantages?

bulletAs there is no cut, there is no big scar
bulletThe pain is almost nil as there is no cut
bulletThe healing is fast
bulletComplications of wound healing are much less
bulletChildren recover quicker and can be discharged quicker
bulletThis helps to reduce the cost
bulletAs they recover quicker can return to school quicker

Is it safe in children?

Laparoscopic surgery has been performed safely in children. There are no disadvantages. However one has to be prepared for open surgery in case there is instrument failure or technical difficulty.

What urology problems can be treated with laparoscopic surgery?

bulletPyeloplasty for PUJ obstruction
bulletNephrectomy for MCDK, non functioning kidney
bulletHeminephrectomy for ectopic ureter, duplication, non functioning upper moiety of duplex
bulletVaricocele ligation
bulletOrchidopexy for non palpable Undescended testis
bulletReimplantation for vesico ureteric reflux

What general problems can be treated with laparoscopic surgery?

bulletGall stones; excision of choledocal cyst
bulletKidney surgery
bulletEmpyema (pus in chest)
bulletOvarian problems
bulletPullthrough for Hirschsprungs, imperformate anus

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