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PUC IAPS conf 2017 (Exstrophy, Epispadias, Hypospadias)

Live Workshop Jan 2016 (Bladder augment, BOTOX)

VUR Workshop Dec 2014 (STING, Lap Cohen, Lap extra vesical)

Live Workshop Apr 2014 (PCNL, Lap, Hypospadias)

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'PURE'                     (Pediatric Urology Ramachandra Education)



Undescended Testis, Hernia, Hydrocele

Hypospadias, Intersex

Hydronephrosis (PUJ) Pyeloplasty, Posterior urethral valves (PUV)

Urinary Tract Infection/ Vesico Ureteric Reflux

Urinary Stones in Children

Eneuresis, Bedwetting, Urinary Incontinence, Neuropathic bladder

Multi Cystic Dysplastic Kidney, Wilms Tumor, Emergencies

Pediatric nephrology, chronic kidney disease

Acute Kidney Injury

Single kidney status

Pregnancy planning, Anomaly scan, Anomaly prevention

Paediatric Laparoscopic Surgery (Key Hole Surgery)

Common Paediatric Surgical Problems

Child Specialist, Vaccinations



 PUC IAPS V national conference

17, 18th Nov 2017


Videos of live workshop


Bladder exstrophy        Epispadias       Lowermoiety PUJO       Onlay


The 5th national conference of pediatric urology chapter of IAPS was held at Sri Ramachandra Hospital, Chennai on 17th and 18th November 2017. Around 150 delegates participated from all over India. The theme of the conference was ‘practical pediatric urology’.

Live workshop consisted of 4 procedures on Day 1 

Bladder exstrophy repair (Dr. Kureel)

Epispadias repair (Dr. Sripathy)

Hypospadias repair (Dr. Panjwani)

Lap pyeloplasty (Dr. VVSS Chandrasekaram)

Symposia & Panel discussions: There were 3 symposia: Neurogenic bladder/ UDS, antenatal hydronephrosis and disorders of sexual differentiation. There were three panel discussions: vesico ureteric reflux, hypospadias and posterior urethral valves.

Day 2 had free paper session. Thirty papers were presented and four PGs were awarded medals and prize paper certificates. PG quiz was well attended and two PGs were awarded medals. During the inauguration on Day 1, medical students who won pediatric surgery quiz were awarded cash prize by the dean. Ebooks of urodynamic manual and PAEDUROCON2017 souvenir were released during the inauguration.